giovedì 15 novembre 2012

Choccoshow and shopping

Hi everybody! ^^
So today I want to tell you about the Choccoshow.
Choccoshow is a cool event held in Bologna where shops from everywhere (Italy and Europe) come here to show their chocolate products.
Here is the link of the event:
Some photos:
aaaand here's a photo of what I bought XD
Too much chocolate! LOL

Yesterday was a really funny day with my dear friends! They're very busy at the moment, so I can't see them often..I really miss you guys ç_ç

Let's leave the sadness behind XD
Yesterday morning I went shopping with my mother and I bought a beautiful bag:
It's really big and in Japan, I will use it as a schoolbag too~<3 I just added a cute charme made by my dear friend Hoshi-chan ** It looks better with a touch of pink XDD
Last month I bought this cutie too:
Sasukeeeeee~<3 from Sengoku Basara series! *w*
I bought it on ebay; they sent me the wrong version (this is the special version with the white costume, but I paid for the original one) and, unfortunately, the right one was sold-out.. so I accepted a partial refund and kept this one.. I love it ** Isn't he adorable?!

Soooo it's all for today ^^
I'll try to post asap for a little LuccaC&G's report..
Bye bye~<3

mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012

Something new

Hi everybody ^^
It's been a while since my last post and I think it's already time to make a new post XD Soooo.. In this post I'll want to show you some news as : dvds, mangas and so on..
Here there are the pictures:
 "How to train your dragon", "HP and the deathly hallows part1&2 - special edition", "X-men first class" and "Sherlock Holmes - Game of shadows". I also bought the "Avengers" dvd ** I really want it since I saw it at cinema~<3 yes... I'm a Loki fan XDD Tom Hiddleston is soooooo cool *ç* ehm ehm I'm sorry lol
Then, some mangas:
 Such a old mangas XD I bought them in.. August?! LOL I was shocked that started a new Rozen Maiden's serie.. Sengoku Basara -Roar of the dragon is very cool! I still don't watch the anime..
Ah! Gate7 is a great manga.. CLAMP: why you don't draw more quickly?! grrrrrr!!
I also found a rarity in my favourite manga shop:
The entire Kurogane Peace Maker's manga! My dear friend MadNeko lent me this manga and I loved it immediately.. It's really a beautiful story.. **
This summer, on my vacation, I bought those cute things:
A beautiful fan and some stickers for decoration ^^
In August a also bought a new pair of headphones (they're pink!! **) and, finally, yesterday I started to decorate them!!
Work in progress! LOOOL

In these days I re-watched the Lovely Complex anime: I love love the manga and the anime too! I can't wait to read the second serie (it's the story about Risa's brother XDD I'm really curious)
Adorable and stupid Otani XDD I love him so much~<3
Aaaannnd in September I watched films at cinema every week-end XD First: Madagascar 3; then: Batman - The dark knight returns, The brave (I didn't like this film), The bourne legacy (** Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz are great actors! and I loved the film!!), Prometheus (awwww! *ç* I want the dvd: NOW!), Ice Age4 (LOL) and last, but not least, Resident Evil Retribution (cool as always u_u). I also planned to watch those films too: Paranorman and Hotel Transylvania; they look really funny!

Ehm today I bought something childish:
LOOOL How are called those magazines in english? Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck?? I dunno XD I really loooove them~<3 My friend lend me an Anne Rice's book, but I'm not in the right mood to read it, so I bought them lol They're really funny as I remembered ^^

ok.. that's all for today^^
Byebye~<3 see you soon!
ps: I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm really tired tonight =_=

venerdì 27 luglio 2012

...Finally the light!

Hi everybody!
I'm really sorry 'cause I didn't post anything from June! But.. This time I'm going to tell you that finally I graduated at University!! TwT
Two weeks has passed and I'm still tired and excited... Next step: Japan!! ** I'm waiting for my friends and next year we will go to Tokyo to study! I can't wait to be there again!!

In August my friend MAD.neko and I will be in Livorno at Hoshi-chan's house and then she will come to my home for some days: I'll take her to make some tourism here near my city ^^ I'm so excited about this!

This summer is very hot! O_o I really miss to dress up in lolita clothes ç_ç
And I'm so bored.... In September I'm going to search a job.. But now I really want to improve my japanese and I also want to draw again! Maybe I can show you something.. Well: we will see ^^

Ah! Yestarday my friends and I went to a beautiful luna park (Gardaland) to celebrate my graduation and it was awesome! ** They add new attractions and they're spectacular!! I reccomend this park!

Another new obsession: Vocaloid XD
I already know about it years ago, but I wasn't interested in it since one month ago when my friend made me listen one song.. I loved it immediately! And now I'm searching some fanarts on Zerochan..

Ok.. I talked about too much things. Please forgive me about this m(_ _)m
Maybe the next post will be about dvd/manga shopping XDD
That was all for today ^^
Bye bye~<3

sabato 2 giugno 2012

Simon Curtis

Simon Curtis is a new singer. I really love this artist: his voice is beautiful and his songs are so damn sexy!! *ç* - Simon Curtis: Indie Music Superstar
Please read the article and go listen his music!
Some youtube links (with lyrics): 
Soul4saleBeat DropDelusional ; Joystick
and so on~<3<3
I really want a concert, but I think that this wish can't be realized soon.. T^T

I also think that all his songs perfectly match the pairing ShizuoXIzaya from Drrr:
 [picture from Zerochan ] Listening Flesh while reading Shizaya's doujinshi is the best thing ever! XDD

(Here is his facebook page)
Sorry for the random post, but I adore him so I have to share his music u_u
Bye bye~<3

giovedì 31 maggio 2012

Shopping part.2

Hello everybody!
First of all, I want to apoligize with all of you 'cause I didn't post anything since.. March?!
I'm very sorry!! m(_ _)m
You have to know that in July, finally, I'm going to graduate! OMG So I'm really busy in writing my thesis..
But, as I promise, here it is the second part of the shopping update. Let's begin:
In March I made an order with my friend on Yumetembo from Deary and those t-shirt are so cute and pretty; I really love them so much~<3
Everything from Oviesse; the pink t-shirt with Chip&Dale is pure love!! *w* I love them so much..
I also buy some make-up products:
Those two are both products from Benefit: an eye-primer (Stay, don't stray) and a face primer(That gal); they're both veeery good!
Here there are 3 Givenchy products: first on the left is a fluid foundation with mat effect; on the right there's a tinte luminescence cream and in the middle there's a loose powder. (You can see all these products on my poupeègirl's closet; I didn't post them yet, but I'm going to post them as soon as possible)And in March was also my birthday!! I have beautiful birthday presents from my dear friend MAD.neko:
She really knows me well XDDD A pretty pink metal nail-polish and a Hiei phonestrap!! Look! The greeting card is beautiful and she knows that I love those guys! XD
Awwwwwww!! I searched this phonestrap for years!!! Hiei is one of my favourite character ever and he's also so cute~<3 Mad, I love you!! LOL
Let me show you one more time the beautiful greeting card Drrr themed:
 Isn't it cute and funny?! She's really good in those kind of things! Psiche&Delic are really lovely~<3<3 Thank you again girl..

These ones are birthday gifts from other friends with another greeting card ^^ I love nail-art stickers..
In the next post, I will show you some other shopping I made with my friend (dvd's and manga, maybe).
It's all for today..
bye bye~^^

domenica 20 maggio 2012


The title say everything....
At 4.04 there was a earthquake in northern Italy, near my city!
It was very scary 'cause it's appened it the night and it was a 5.9 grade of the Richter scale..
I live in Reggio Emilia and the earthquake was in between Modena and Ferrara, but other areas felt it too!
Please forgive me for my bad english, but I'm a little bit shocked..
here other info in italian..

Ah! I forgot to say:
There was a big earthquake in Japan too.. you can see here some details about it..

mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

Livorno & Shopping part.1

Hello everyone! ^^
It's been a long time since my last post!! I'm sorry..
I want to write about my week-end at Livorno with a good friend of mine: Hoshi-chan ^w^
First of all I had to say that I really enjoyed these two days with her; we really laughed and chatted a lot: obviously we talked about Japan, make-up&nail-art, decoden and other serious things..
I arrived at Livorno station on friday afternoon (at 13.00) and then we went to McDonald for lunch with her brother; after that we went to her house and cooked ourselveswaffles ** She had already prepared caramel and cheesecake too, I also brought some chocolate and specialty from my city: Erbazzone and a special cake~ We really ate a lot in these two days XDD
funny picture of our breakfast XD and me as a stupid girl lol (photo by Hoshi)
For dinner we made カレライス (rice with curry) and it was soooo delicious~<3 After that we spent our time chatting, watching photos on her computer and some hilarious movies...
On Saturday we decided to do some shopping but... I didn't buy anything, still it was a great time to spend out 'cause it was a sunny and lovely day; the best part of it was having lunch at the japanese restaurant: it's so pretty there and the food is delicious!! *ç* Here there are some photos:
Such a difficult photo to do XD my face it really looks bad in this picture T^T
Here's what we ate: too much sushi/sashimi/maki (hashi), some gyouza and tempura..
On the way home I bought some traditional tuscan sweets; last year Hoshi brought me some and I loved them.. At home we talked all night long and watched two movies; at 4.00 we realized what hour it was and went to bed, 'cause on Sunday I had to wake up early in the morning to take the train O_o In fact the next morning I woke up at 7.00 and I went to the station: it was very sad to leave her!! But we probably meet again in May for the big Gothic&Lolita meet-up and we started writting letters to each others too **
This is a cute picture that Hoshi-chan made on bus and then she decorated it as a purikura~<3<3
Thank you very much for those beautiful days my dear Hoshi!!
OH! I forgot to say that 19th Febraury was Hoshi's Birthday so my friend and I bought her a present and she bought us a present too 'cause on 14th Febraury was my friend's Birthday and mine will be on 23rd March.. This gift is very useful and I really love it so much:
 Cinnamoroll's pencil, passport case by Jetoy and a cute package of kleenex with macaroon as an extra XD

Aaaaand let's talk about my make up shopping..
This will be the first part of two: one month ago I went with my mother to go shopping 'cause a shop in my town is going to close and is making clearance sales.. so I bought myself a parfume and a radiance face powder.
The fragrance is Elle from Yves Saint Laurent and the powder is from Clarins.
My mother bought too much things for herself too! XDD
ok.. That's all for today and I'm going to post the 2nd part as soon as possible ^^

I have one confession: right now i'm completely obsessed with this song: song with liryc particularly so because it reminds me of Psyche x Delic pairing from Durarara! Psyche&Delic (picture from Zerochan)..
Thank you for reading!!

giovedì 26 gennaio 2012

Random update

Hello everyone!
Today I want to tell you about my new obsessions...
First of all, here it is a picture of what I bought with my mother:
six types of tea! lol
1. Intense premium tea from Assam; 2. Prince of Wales tea (very light); 3. Jasmine green tea; 4. Green tea (gun powder); 5. Flavoured black tea collection; 6.White tea.
They're all very good and I love to try different taste of tea~<3

Then I want to share with you this link (here) in which you can see beautiful photos about all lolita girls at NiMi Festival! ^^

Unfortunately I have one new obsession: dolls..
OMG! A friend of mine tell me to stay away from this obsession becase it's really expensive; and I know it..
Yesterday I'm talking with her about dolls and she shows me some doll's house where I can buy one of them! Some link of my favourite: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. How can I choose?! T^T Maybe one day I can buy one of these beautiful dolls...

Aaaand the last (but not the least) thing I want to say is that I'm in love with the anime: Durarara! I finished it last week and I really liked it soooo much; now I'm going to read the light novel and the manga too~
Here there are some drawings that I found on Zerochan: group, my favourite character, izaya and shizuo are the best shonen-ai/yaoi couple! XD *can't wait to read the novel*

Thank you for reading!
Bye bye~<3<3
ps: I'm veeeery sorry for my bad english, but I'm really tired tonight..

lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

NiMi Festival report

Hi everybody!
Finally I'm going to do a little report about the NiMi festival..
First of all I have to say thank you to all lolitas and to Itrill (GLZ website's admin) who always organized everything!
As I said in the previous post, this event was held in Florence; when me&my friends arrived, we searched for the hotel and the walk was sooo exhausting! Our room was really big and the hotel is awesome. In a few time we changed our clothes and finally went to the event! 
Here it is a picture of the citadel where the event took place.
NiMi festival was very interesting and it is a festival revolving around japanese culture. Here you can buy and learn too much things about japanese culture: food, cute goods and so on.. There were many types of conferences too about arts, traditional dance and writing, study-abroad etc..
It was very interesting.. ^^
As I said before, there were Angelic Pretty and Putumayo stands aaaaaand I really bought too much clothes form Putumayo and a cute ring from AP (the prices were really good)! An unexpected surprise was the presence of Maki&Asuka at their stand!! They were very kind and cute! 
There was a booth where we could take pictures and so here there are some pictures:
 with Maki, Asuka and my friend.
After few hours finally arrived all our lolita friends and the chaos began! XD
We had the opportunity to see again the old friends and to meet the new one! It was a plaesure to meet you all again ladies~<3
At 17.00 we had a Tea Party with Misako Aoki!! The tea party was a beautiful experience; the catering made a good job and the location looked very elegant. We had the opportunities to ask to Misako-san some questions, then she chose 3 outfits that she liked the most and gave them little presents.. There were too many photographers and everybody made us photos! It was a little bit emabarassing.. But it was a first step for the italian lolita community to step out in the international community!
I hope we can have another event like this as soon as possible! Thank you everybody and Misako-san too! <3
The second day it was a little bit boring 'cause unfortunately the exhibition was little and we saw everything the first day.. Oh! There were too much beautiful cosplayers and I took some pictures of them.
A photo of Queen Esthel! She's really amazing!! **
We ate too much japanese food and matcha and rice ice-cream.. I really love it sooo much~<3
We made some more shopping and then we finally returned to the hotel to changed our clothes and we went to a traditional florence restaurant (so delicious**)!
Here there are a few pictures of the second day:
 The outfit of the second day a "little twin" with my friend! ^^ 
 A funny photo with a two friends, Putumayo girl (the girls were really adorable!) and Orochimaru cosplayer! XDD 
Thank you again to everybody for these days!  ^^/