mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012

Something new

Hi everybody ^^
It's been a while since my last post and I think it's already time to make a new post XD Soooo.. In this post I'll want to show you some news as : dvds, mangas and so on..
Here there are the pictures:
 "How to train your dragon", "HP and the deathly hallows part1&2 - special edition", "X-men first class" and "Sherlock Holmes - Game of shadows". I also bought the "Avengers" dvd ** I really want it since I saw it at cinema~<3 yes... I'm a Loki fan XDD Tom Hiddleston is soooooo cool *ç* ehm ehm I'm sorry lol
Then, some mangas:
 Such a old mangas XD I bought them in.. August?! LOL I was shocked that started a new Rozen Maiden's serie.. Sengoku Basara -Roar of the dragon is very cool! I still don't watch the anime..
Ah! Gate7 is a great manga.. CLAMP: why you don't draw more quickly?! grrrrrr!!
I also found a rarity in my favourite manga shop:
The entire Kurogane Peace Maker's manga! My dear friend MadNeko lent me this manga and I loved it immediately.. It's really a beautiful story.. **
This summer, on my vacation, I bought those cute things:
A beautiful fan and some stickers for decoration ^^
In August a also bought a new pair of headphones (they're pink!! **) and, finally, yesterday I started to decorate them!!
Work in progress! LOOOL

In these days I re-watched the Lovely Complex anime: I love love the manga and the anime too! I can't wait to read the second serie (it's the story about Risa's brother XDD I'm really curious)
Adorable and stupid Otani XDD I love him so much~<3
Aaaannnd in September I watched films at cinema every week-end XD First: Madagascar 3; then: Batman - The dark knight returns, The brave (I didn't like this film), The bourne legacy (** Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz are great actors! and I loved the film!!), Prometheus (awwww! *ç* I want the dvd: NOW!), Ice Age4 (LOL) and last, but not least, Resident Evil Retribution (cool as always u_u). I also planned to watch those films too: Paranorman and Hotel Transylvania; they look really funny!

Ehm today I bought something childish:
LOOOL How are called those magazines in english? Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck?? I dunno XD I really loooove them~<3 My friend lend me an Anne Rice's book, but I'm not in the right mood to read it, so I bought them lol They're really funny as I remembered ^^

ok.. that's all for today^^
Byebye~<3 see you soon!
ps: I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm really tired tonight =_=