giovedì 31 maggio 2012

Shopping part.2

Hello everybody!
First of all, I want to apoligize with all of you 'cause I didn't post anything since.. March?!
I'm very sorry!! m(_ _)m
You have to know that in July, finally, I'm going to graduate! OMG So I'm really busy in writing my thesis..
But, as I promise, here it is the second part of the shopping update. Let's begin:
In March I made an order with my friend on Yumetembo from Deary and those t-shirt are so cute and pretty; I really love them so much~<3
Everything from Oviesse; the pink t-shirt with Chip&Dale is pure love!! *w* I love them so much..
I also buy some make-up products:
Those two are both products from Benefit: an eye-primer (Stay, don't stray) and a face primer(That gal); they're both veeery good!
Here there are 3 Givenchy products: first on the left is a fluid foundation with mat effect; on the right there's a tinte luminescence cream and in the middle there's a loose powder. (You can see all these products on my poupeègirl's closet; I didn't post them yet, but I'm going to post them as soon as possible)And in March was also my birthday!! I have beautiful birthday presents from my dear friend MAD.neko:
She really knows me well XDDD A pretty pink metal nail-polish and a Hiei phonestrap!! Look! The greeting card is beautiful and she knows that I love those guys! XD
Awwwwwww!! I searched this phonestrap for years!!! Hiei is one of my favourite character ever and he's also so cute~<3 Mad, I love you!! LOL
Let me show you one more time the beautiful greeting card Drrr themed:
 Isn't it cute and funny?! She's really good in those kind of things! Psiche&Delic are really lovely~<3<3 Thank you again girl..

These ones are birthday gifts from other friends with another greeting card ^^ I love nail-art stickers..
In the next post, I will show you some other shopping I made with my friend (dvd's and manga, maybe).
It's all for today..
bye bye~^^

domenica 20 maggio 2012


The title say everything....
At 4.04 there was a earthquake in northern Italy, near my city!
It was very scary 'cause it's appened it the night and it was a 5.9 grade of the Richter scale..
I live in Reggio Emilia and the earthquake was in between Modena and Ferrara, but other areas felt it too!
Please forgive me for my bad english, but I'm a little bit shocked..
here other info in italian..

Ah! I forgot to say:
There was a big earthquake in Japan too.. you can see here some details about it..