giovedì 15 novembre 2012

Choccoshow and shopping

Hi everybody! ^^
So today I want to tell you about the Choccoshow.
Choccoshow is a cool event held in Bologna where shops from everywhere (Italy and Europe) come here to show their chocolate products.
Here is the link of the event:
Some photos:
aaaand here's a photo of what I bought XD
Too much chocolate! LOL

Yesterday was a really funny day with my dear friends! They're very busy at the moment, so I can't see them often..I really miss you guys ç_ç

Let's leave the sadness behind XD
Yesterday morning I went shopping with my mother and I bought a beautiful bag:
It's really big and in Japan, I will use it as a schoolbag too~<3 I just added a cute charme made by my dear friend Hoshi-chan ** It looks better with a touch of pink XDD
Last month I bought this cutie too:
Sasukeeeeee~<3 from Sengoku Basara series! *w*
I bought it on ebay; they sent me the wrong version (this is the special version with the white costume, but I paid for the original one) and, unfortunately, the right one was sold-out.. so I accepted a partial refund and kept this one.. I love it ** Isn't he adorable?!

Soooo it's all for today ^^
I'll try to post asap for a little LuccaC&G's report..
Bye bye~<3