sabato 2 giugno 2012

Simon Curtis

Simon Curtis is a new singer. I really love this artist: his voice is beautiful and his songs are so damn sexy!! *ç* - Simon Curtis: Indie Music Superstar
Please read the article and go listen his music!
Some youtube links (with lyrics): 
Soul4saleBeat DropDelusional ; Joystick
and so on~<3<3
I really want a concert, but I think that this wish can't be realized soon.. T^T

I also think that all his songs perfectly match the pairing ShizuoXIzaya from Drrr:
 [picture from Zerochan ] Listening Flesh while reading Shizaya's doujinshi is the best thing ever! XDD

(Here is his facebook page)
Sorry for the random post, but I adore him so I have to share his music u_u
Bye bye~<3