domenica 21 aprile 2013

Tea party & co.

Hi everybody!
Another month has passed away~ I'm really sorry..
First of all, I want to show you what I received for my birthday:
My dear friend Hoshi-chan sent me this cute bookmark, a Card Captor Sakura artbook and a letter~<3 As you may know, I love CLAMP and artbooks too; so when I opened the package I was really shocked! ** I really like the bookmark too very much 'cause I love to read so it's very useful for me!
My friend Mad.neko bought this for me...... What can I say?! I love youuuuu~<3<3 She really knows me well XD Unfortunately, it seems that my pc can't run this game; I need a new one! Can't wait to play with it **
The big news is the lolita tea party in Milan ^^ Here is a little report:
On 6th of April Mad.neko and I went to Milan by train and we arrived at 10.45a.m.; here we met the first lolis and we started to chat with them. Then my friend and I went to Ladurèe to buy some macaroons, as always XD I just love those sweets...
At 11.30a.m. we returned to the train station to meet the other lolis and finally we went to restaurant for lunch: 19 lolitas around Milan... It was beautiful! We received many compliments from people and the children looked at us and said: "look mommy they're princesses!" -awwww >/////< so cute
Then we finally went to Residenza Vignale (for more infos ) and the tea party began! The location was really beautiful and the Gothic Lolita Zone staff made a great work with the organization!! Here I met again my old friends and I made new friends ^^
Here is a photo of my outfit:
It was the first time I wore this dress and I love it so much~<3 Sorry guys; but my face is horrible in this picture XD -thanks to Sybelle Photography for this picture-
Back in topic: I ate too much sweets and drank tea... then there was a lottery and a cute girl won a beautiful Innocent World dress! There were a lot of stands were lolitas could sell their own creations.
This one is a postcard with the official image and the illustration design for the Teacup (first italian lolita community tea party - just say it one more time XD) made by Poison Candy and Debba. It's really cute; isn't it?!
At 5p.m. we made the group photo:
The garden was really pretty and the day was sunny, so we took the picture outside ^^
At 6p.m. we had to go back to station; it was sad to say goodbye to everyone!
I hope that another big beautiful event like this one will happen again in the future~<3 Thank you girls!!

Now I'm back to the normal life and I'm bored, as always XD Fortunately (?!) I'm busy in searching for an apartment in Tokyo for our future trip and things in preparation of it..
Next week my friend and I will go to cinema to see Iron Man3; I didn't like this kind of films the past years, but now I do like it ^^ I have to watch it if want to understand the next Avengers XDDD

Thank you everybody for reading and I finish this post with this photo~ Jasmine tea and macaroon in a cute Hello Kitty x Ladurèe collaboration box **
Bye bye see you in the next post <3<3