sabato 24 dicembre 2011

Merry Christmas

This will be a really short post just to say to everyone: MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Yesterday my friend and I went to the city and made too much shopping.. The city was beautiful with all the lights; unfortunately I can't take any photo..
That's all and, one more time, I wish to everyone a Merry XMas! ^^

venerdì 16 dicembre 2011

Everyday life

Today is a very busy day..
I've just finish to pack everything up and I'm ready for tomorrow! For these 2 days I'll go to Florence for NiMi Festival; here there are going to be Misako Aoki for a Tea-Party with all lolita girls from Gothic&Lolita Zone and Angelic Pretty's creators designers Maki and Asuka! There are AP and Putumayo' stands too!! I absolutely want to buy too many things from Putumayo! *ç*
This cool blog is going to do a cute report about the Tea-Party and much more: HERE
They have a facebook link too: here

And now I want to show you what I bought at LuccaComics&Games 2011
2 Artbooks: "X Illustrated Collection" from CLAMP and "Pretty Soldier SAILOR MOON" from Naoko Takeuchi. I'm a big fan of CLAMP and Naoko Takeuchi; and I really love artbooks!!
And 2 keychains: Romano from Hetalia and another one with the white rabbit~<3
It was very cool this year at Lucca Comics; we made a Gothic and Lolita catwalk and a fashion conference.. It was a success! From this experience Misako Aoki decided to meet us at NiMi Festival..

Now I'm going to have some tea with macaroons (that I bought in Bologna) while watching Nightmare Before Christmas from Tim Burton..They are so delicious; and with Jasmine Green Tea they're great!!
The teacup is a present from my mum for my birthday.. I love it so much! **
Have a nice day~ ^^

martedì 13 dicembre 2011

First post

This is my new blog..
It was very dfficult for me to set a new blog! And first of all I really want to thank my dear friend MAD.neko for her support and help! ~ <3
This time I'll try to write all posts in english; I also want to say sorry to all of you for my bad english! XD
I'm going to set a new grafic design soon; maybe...
Bye bye ^^