lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

NiMi Festival report

Hi everybody!
Finally I'm going to do a little report about the NiMi festival..
First of all I have to say thank you to all lolitas and to Itrill (GLZ website's admin) who always organized everything!
As I said in the previous post, this event was held in Florence; when me&my friends arrived, we searched for the hotel and the walk was sooo exhausting! Our room was really big and the hotel is awesome. In a few time we changed our clothes and finally went to the event! 
Here it is a picture of the citadel where the event took place.
NiMi festival was very interesting and it is a festival revolving around japanese culture. Here you can buy and learn too much things about japanese culture: food, cute goods and so on.. There were many types of conferences too about arts, traditional dance and writing, study-abroad etc..
It was very interesting.. ^^
As I said before, there were Angelic Pretty and Putumayo stands aaaaaand I really bought too much clothes form Putumayo and a cute ring from AP (the prices were really good)! An unexpected surprise was the presence of Maki&Asuka at their stand!! They were very kind and cute! 
There was a booth where we could take pictures and so here there are some pictures:
 with Maki, Asuka and my friend.
After few hours finally arrived all our lolita friends and the chaos began! XD
We had the opportunity to see again the old friends and to meet the new one! It was a plaesure to meet you all again ladies~<3
At 17.00 we had a Tea Party with Misako Aoki!! The tea party was a beautiful experience; the catering made a good job and the location looked very elegant. We had the opportunities to ask to Misako-san some questions, then she chose 3 outfits that she liked the most and gave them little presents.. There were too many photographers and everybody made us photos! It was a little bit emabarassing.. But it was a first step for the italian lolita community to step out in the international community!
I hope we can have another event like this as soon as possible! Thank you everybody and Misako-san too! <3
The second day it was a little bit boring 'cause unfortunately the exhibition was little and we saw everything the first day.. Oh! There were too much beautiful cosplayers and I took some pictures of them.
A photo of Queen Esthel! She's really amazing!! **
We ate too much japanese food and matcha and rice ice-cream.. I really love it sooo much~<3
We made some more shopping and then we finally returned to the hotel to changed our clothes and we went to a traditional florence restaurant (so delicious**)!
Here there are a few pictures of the second day:
 The outfit of the second day a "little twin" with my friend! ^^ 
 A funny photo with a two friends, Putumayo girl (the girls were really adorable!) and Orochimaru cosplayer! XDD 
Thank you again to everybody for these days!  ^^/  

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Federica Hyrule ha detto...

stavate entrambe benissimo *w* troppo carine! è stata proprio una bella giornata, speriamo che l'anno prossimo si organizzi di nuovo qualcosa di simile!

UsagiNoYume ha detto...

grazie mille Hyrule!! anch'io mi sono divertita tantissimo e speriamo di avere l'occasione la prossima volta di riuscire a chiacchere un po' per conoscerci meglio! ^^