mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

Livorno & Shopping part.1

Hello everyone! ^^
It's been a long time since my last post!! I'm sorry..
I want to write about my week-end at Livorno with a good friend of mine: Hoshi-chan ^w^
First of all I had to say that I really enjoyed these two days with her; we really laughed and chatted a lot: obviously we talked about Japan, make-up&nail-art, decoden and other serious things..
I arrived at Livorno station on friday afternoon (at 13.00) and then we went to McDonald for lunch with her brother; after that we went to her house and cooked ourselveswaffles ** She had already prepared caramel and cheesecake too, I also brought some chocolate and specialty from my city: Erbazzone and a special cake~ We really ate a lot in these two days XDD
funny picture of our breakfast XD and me as a stupid girl lol (photo by Hoshi)
For dinner we made カレライス (rice with curry) and it was soooo delicious~<3 After that we spent our time chatting, watching photos on her computer and some hilarious movies...
On Saturday we decided to do some shopping but... I didn't buy anything, still it was a great time to spend out 'cause it was a sunny and lovely day; the best part of it was having lunch at the japanese restaurant: it's so pretty there and the food is delicious!! *ç* Here there are some photos:
Such a difficult photo to do XD my face it really looks bad in this picture T^T
Here's what we ate: too much sushi/sashimi/maki (hashi), some gyouza and tempura..
On the way home I bought some traditional tuscan sweets; last year Hoshi brought me some and I loved them.. At home we talked all night long and watched two movies; at 4.00 we realized what hour it was and went to bed, 'cause on Sunday I had to wake up early in the morning to take the train O_o In fact the next morning I woke up at 7.00 and I went to the station: it was very sad to leave her!! But we probably meet again in May for the big Gothic&Lolita meet-up and we started writting letters to each others too **
This is a cute picture that Hoshi-chan made on bus and then she decorated it as a purikura~<3<3
Thank you very much for those beautiful days my dear Hoshi!!
OH! I forgot to say that 19th Febraury was Hoshi's Birthday so my friend and I bought her a present and she bought us a present too 'cause on 14th Febraury was my friend's Birthday and mine will be on 23rd March.. This gift is very useful and I really love it so much:
 Cinnamoroll's pencil, passport case by Jetoy and a cute package of kleenex with macaroon as an extra XD

Aaaaand let's talk about my make up shopping..
This will be the first part of two: one month ago I went with my mother to go shopping 'cause a shop in my town is going to close and is making clearance sales.. so I bought myself a parfume and a radiance face powder.
The fragrance is Elle from Yves Saint Laurent and the powder is from Clarins.
My mother bought too much things for herself too! XDD
ok.. That's all for today and I'm going to post the 2nd part as soon as possible ^^

I have one confession: right now i'm completely obsessed with this song: song with liryc particularly so because it reminds me of Psyche x Delic pairing from Durarara! Psyche&Delic (picture from Zerochan)..
Thank you for reading!!

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Miria ha detto...

carina la foto purikureggiata! *_*

Federica Hyrule ha detto...

si vede che ti sei divertita tanto *___* invidia per il ponticello di sushi, ho l'acquolina in bocca solo a guardare la foto! Sto adorando i regalini che hai ricevuto <3 e mi piacciono tanto anche i tuoi acquisti cosmetici!

UsagiNoYume ha detto...

vero Kira?! la mia amica è stata bravissima ^^

LOL Hyrule ti giuro che non riuscivo ad arrivare in fondo alla mia parte! XD quel ponte è enorme per me..
si infatti.. i regali sono belli e utili! ** il porta-passaporto mi serviva proprio cavolo..
eheh gli acquisti non sono finiti XD

MAD.neko ha detto...
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MAD.neko ha detto...

waah invidia!! <33 sono contenta che abbiate lollato parecchio, mi dispiace non essere potuta venire >o<'
oddio.quanto.sushi. °__°lol io ci sarei morta in mezzo
che kawaii il porta-passaporto~

buono per la razzia da capricci! XD
aspetto di vedere il prox post yum!

indovina cosa sto ascoltando..?

UsagiNoYume ha detto...

sa ma io ci stavo morendo in mezzo! XD però ci siamo divertite un sacco davvero ^^ la prox volta che verrai anche tu sarà ancora più lollico XDD

maledetta!!! cosa ascoltiiiiii!!!