domenica 24 febbraio 2013

Some news

Hi everybody!
Ok... Too much time has passed since I posted something here XD yeah I know: I'm a bad blogger; please forgive me!!
So I just wanted to tell you that I prepared the documents for the future Japan trip and I'm really excited ** I really want to attend to many events and matsuri like: Kouyou, Joya no kane-Oshougatsu, Hanami and much more (I wrote my thesis about this argoment); I can't wait and I really want to be there for the
New Year's big Sales!!! OMG!! This will be so crazy~ ok.. Let's stop it there XD
Speaking of which: for New Year's Eve my friend (MAD.Neko ) and I went to our dear friend's house Hoshi-chan~ we spent beautiful days together and had a lot of fun.
bad quality picture is bad =_="
We also watched a horrible movie, but it was really fun to comment on it together LOL
(voglio solo ricordare: ERO ANCHE IO CHE LO VOLEVO!!)
The next day we took some rest and we breakfast instead of lunch because we woke up really late XDDD In the afternoon we made some phonecharms and others deco. Here is what I made for my mobile phone:
Yes.. They're sakura~<3 As you may have noticed, I love these flowers...
Then we exchanged our Christmas presents I was shocked! Hoshi-chan bought me these wonderful things:
Those two wonderful-letter sets, a Tokidoki pen and sakura flavoured tea! *ç* Plus I received a cute letter from her~
I really enjoyed those days... as always! I really want to see her again soon >w<

Then I found a job... A horrible job that I hate, but as long as they pay me I'll cope with it XD
So I made some shopping with my parents and I bought some Tokidoki's stuff:
I love all of them~ and they're really comfortable!! (Sweatshirt, camisole and t-shirt)

Ah! Big news!! In April it will be a beautiful event organized by Gothic&Lolita Zone forum: a Tea Party with lolitas from all Italy~ It is going to be held in Milan and I'm really excited about this! First of all I finally have the opportunity to see my friends again; also it's a really great opportunity for all the italian lolitas to get to know each others and enjoy time together like a real community ^^
This winter I also bought a smartphone: Samsung Galaxy SIII. I don't really need it (and I didn't want it too), but my mum wanted to buy it 'cause then she can use it too and improve her use of the internet. That's a great idea, because when I'll be in Tokyo, I'll only use skype to call my family..
I finally started to study Japanese again (kanji I hate you!) on my own and the grammar with my friend:
*student at work* I still need sooooo much studing to memorize them all T^T so booooriiiing~

Here's some more shopping:
Candy violets (real flowers!) and violets flavoured honey! I bought them in Parma in an adorable store with a MontMartre-shop kind of feeling.. It's really elegant and the violet scent spreads all over you~ It's really amazing! ^^
This winter we went in Milan again to meet some loli friends and, of course we stopped at LaDurèe for some shopping XDD I love macaron!
The black thing in the corner is my pc XD

Ok this post turned out really long and with too many pictures! I'm really sorry about this!!
Last photo of the day:
It's snowing a lot these days!! I'm getting a little bit tired of it.. I can't do what I want with all this snow! And it's really cold outside.. In fact I catched a cold and I'm still sick after a week.. Grrrr! Hate it!
I spent my time reading new mangas and watching something new. Ex: I watched Ao No Exorcist and Brave10: I totally love them! ** In these days I'm also going to watch Sherlock Holmes from BBC.. I'm so curious about it! Then I red the Brave10's manga (much more love lol) and finally in the past months I started Pandora Hearts! It's really cool.. Ah! And last (but not least), I just loved Mirai Nikki~<3 I want to make a Gasai Yuno cosplay too, but I'll wait for it 'cause this year I can't attend any event.. I'm so sad about this ç_ç Especially LuccaComics&Games.... oh my..
The obsessions are always welcome here XD sooo the new one is for Alice Madness Returns! I watched the walkthrough and I totally fell in love with the game~<3<3 I really want to play it, but I've never played videogames; I'm a little bit scared, but I definitely want to try it!!! I'll ask for some help to my dear friend Mad.Neko LOL I also watched Crysis 3 new promo.. It really made me curious! I'll definitely watch the walkthrough of this game too XDD

Ok that's all for today! Once again: please forgive me for the long post and the big amount of pictures! Thank you very much for reading~^^
Bye bye~<3

Ragazze che mi seguite e che io seguo a mia volta: sappiate che leggo sempre i vostri blog, ma! per qualche strano motivo, penso dovuto a problemi con Google e le varie registrazioni ecc, NON riesco più a commentarvi!! Ad alcune di voi già l'avevo detto su Facebook, ma mi sembrava giusto scriverlo anche qua ^^ A prestoooo~

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MAD.neko ha detto...

Nagai ne!! XD
Questa cosa dei comment impossibili mi urta assai, credo sia un conflitto fra l'account di blogspot (ora blogger di google se non erro?) e quello di bè, google xD
che rottura -.-

Quante cose carine!! lol anche io ho fatto foto alla neve, che divertimento xD

MAD.neko ha detto...

per qualche motivo, cambiando browser riesco a commentare! :O (sto usando chrome)

UsagiNoYume ha detto...

ma zero! °° quasi quasi poi provo anch'io.. magari funziona anche a me lol

Miria - Plus... kawaii! ha detto...

Ma qual'era il film terribile che avete visto?! XD
Dove hai trovato lavoro?! *___*
Dai che ci si vedeeeeeeeeeeeeee

UsagiNoYume ha detto...

Kiraaa!! **
uh ti dirò che il titolo ora come ora l'ho rimosso, ma chiedo agli amici se si ricordano XD
mah guarda è un "lavoro" per modo di dire: cmq qua a castelnovo in un negozio di telefonia.. orrore =_=
Siiiiiiiiiiii!!! infatti non vedo l'ora sia il 6 Aprile! e noi dobbiamo ancora organizzare una pizzata insieme u_u

MAD.neko ha detto...

@miria: viaggio ad agharta/agartha boh XD che lollata, per il doppiaggio in italiano!!

Inge Lakawa ha detto...

so many cute things >_<

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