venerdì 27 luglio 2012

...Finally the light!

Hi everybody!
I'm really sorry 'cause I didn't post anything from June! But.. This time I'm going to tell you that finally I graduated at University!! TwT
Two weeks has passed and I'm still tired and excited... Next step: Japan!! ** I'm waiting for my friends and next year we will go to Tokyo to study! I can't wait to be there again!!

In August my friend MAD.neko and I will be in Livorno at Hoshi-chan's house and then she will come to my home for some days: I'll take her to make some tourism here near my city ^^ I'm so excited about this!

This summer is very hot! O_o I really miss to dress up in lolita clothes ç_ç
And I'm so bored.... In September I'm going to search a job.. But now I really want to improve my japanese and I also want to draw again! Maybe I can show you something.. Well: we will see ^^

Ah! Yestarday my friends and I went to a beautiful luna park (Gardaland) to celebrate my graduation and it was awesome! ** They add new attractions and they're spectacular!! I reccomend this park!

Another new obsession: Vocaloid XD
I already know about it years ago, but I wasn't interested in it since one month ago when my friend made me listen one song.. I loved it immediately! And now I'm searching some fanarts on Zerochan..

Ok.. I talked about too much things. Please forgive me about this m(_ _)m
Maybe the next post will be about dvd/manga shopping XDD
That was all for today ^^
Bye bye~<3

6 commenti:

Federica Hyrule ha detto...

Ancora congratulazioni per la laurea *___* awww che cosa splendida studiare a Tokyo!

Speriamo che questa calda estate finisca presto D:

UsagiNoYume ha detto...

si davvero.. c'è troooppooo caldooo O_o

ah grazie mille ^///^ eh si.. sono obbligata a studiare la; altrimenti la mia laurea a cosa serve?! XDD

MAD.neko ha detto...

anf anf ci arriverò anche io porca boia *___*
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah gardalaand!! quanto mi manca!!!!!!

UsagiNoYume ha detto...

ganbatteeeeee nanastraaaaaaa!! **
Gardaland... perchè sei così caro?! ç_ç

Miria - Plus... kawaii! ha detto...

ancora congratulazioni!
brave brave, andate a studiare in Giappolandia, così poi io vi vengo a trovare! XD
W Gardalaaaaaaand!

UsagiNoYume ha detto...

Grazie Kira!!
no ma guarda che io ti aspetto davvero in Jappo! XD vieni vieni~
Gardaland love LOL